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Social media is a well-researched topic due to the large involvement and always changing aspect it holds in today’s society. Even with the abundance of information, there are limited amount of studies on the ability for businesses to change the perception of their products to influence the attitudes and beliefs of potential customers in a negative light. The involvement of social media in a business is a critical aspect in creating a successful organization. The communicative properties that social media holds, simplifies the gaps between publics and organizations. In researching, it is has become evident that studies over the past two decades focus on understanding what social media is, as well as examines the effects of social media usage…show more content…
Technology is constantly evolving with the addition of new products, software updates, and applications to enhance our everyday lives. The current generation runs on technology, making it a necessity of high demand. It is difficult to imagine a world without instant communication or the vast amount of available technological resources that we interact with on a daily basis. Social media was established less than 20 years ago, but the use and popularity is epidemic (Ozya and Edwin, 2015). Social media usage has transformed from personal usage to a business platform (Singla and Durga 2015). Using technology from a business perspective has changed the approach of marketing and advertising. Public relations has extended their boundaries into new waves of mass media. While individuals seek social media as a way to create relationships, organizations utilize the functions of social media as a way to connect directly with new or existing customers. The relationship between organizations and their publics is readily accessible and can be obtained in a less expensive way through the use of social media (Ozya and Edwin, 2015). A company can easily post on a social media outlet and receive instant feedback without any type of in person communication. Due to the large amounts of advertising and marketing done through social media outlets, organizations can change their content to attract their publics. Companies can use marketing techniques through social media, to change the perceptions and attitudes of people’s belief on products and advertising from a

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