Media Freedom: The Role Of Media And Mass Media

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Mass media be it in written, broadcast or spoken form, is a communication process that encapsulates a wide audience. Among it are television, radio, advertisements, movies, newspapers, magazines and the Internet. The main role of media is reporting news serving as a mediator between governmental bodies and public in determining issues to be addressed and keeps people involved in socio-politics. With the role of media also comes the right to freedom of expression in media. Initially, the concept of media freedom originated from the US and Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Freedom of media is the freedom to express through press mediums including electronic media and published materials. Matters pertaining to governmental information…show more content…
Article 10 (1) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia states that every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression, to assemble peaceably without arms and to form associations. Media freedom is crucially important for many reasons, the main being informing the absolute truth to the public. Citizens are able to make informed decisions as the facts received is perceived as not distorted or biased. Media not only functions as an indicator but also a predictor of evolution of the state of nations in the future. It disseminates filtered information as well as balances the status of democracy and importance of 21st century media. Both factors coexist in a contemporary society where the rapid growth of alternate media is challenging the government’s attempts to silence the…show more content…
Our assessment is that the ruling governments already have a bewildering array of media laws and regulations, some of them outdated and anachronistic, and some of them contradicting each other. Licensing and attendant requirements for print media continue to remain a huge stumbling block for media freedom. (Ramanathan, 2009)
In conclusion, the influence of new media is on political communication in Malaysia is constantly increasing. It is quite clear to predict a trend and cultural evolution towards a stronger democratization and socio-political liberalization of Malaysia. So far, there is an unfortunate shortage in guaranteed studies and analysis but Malaysians are mature enough to convey information and opinions that are unoffensive. So if this attitude remains, the future for media freedom will be more balanced and liberal so that the country can progress and develop as a rich and diverse country, not lacking in the knowledge
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