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Advertisements for Body Enhancement Supplements There is evidence that shows that at least one scientist reported 100 years ago that testosterone is the cause of masculine features in males. But 100 years ago this was yet to be proven. That is approximately how long the idea of a product which aids in the enhancement of mass and strength for people was around. However, when the actual development of the product came around, the advertisements designed to aid in the sales and production of the product left a lot to be desired compared to what is available. Today, that is only to be expected due to the fact that we live in a more advanced civilization. Over time, the physical description of what was depicted to be the ideal muscular physique has changed as eras passed. The reasoning for this change in muscle physique dates back to the development of the product which technically started it all, Steroids. The actual development of anabolic steroids took place during the 1930's which was during the decline of the United States industrial society courtesy of the Great Depression. Researchers developing steroids used dogs to test out their theories. Through their test, they discovered that the usage of anabolic steroids increased muscle mass in the dogs, causing a leaner, more muscular looking physique. In the 40's, the anabolic steroids were given to POW's and those that were suffering from malnutrition. In the 50's, anabolic steroids were given a new purpose that was strictly for strength gains. Athletes in Europe and Russia were using steroids just for that purpose. Ster... ... middle of paper ... ...that deemed steroids to be lethal took place in the late 1970's and early 1980s during Olympic games. In the "Golden Era", the side effects were unaware of and steroids seemed to be safe so no restraints were brought upon for its usage and distribution. Even with the knowledge of possessing side effects, there is a select few of who still purchase and use Steroids over the black market. In most cases, the method which fascinated those back then for instant muscle is still use today, but on different products. "Hard Bodies", "Ripped Pecs", "Six- Packs", are all part of the "Total Package" method use for people to buy body and muscle enhancing products. Works Cited Associate Press "Mind & Muscle POWER" General Media Communications Inc September 1999 Phillips "The Steroid World" www. (C) 1999-2000

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