Media Discourse Case Study

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I. Theoretical part:
1. Scope of the Study: Media discourse refers to the communications and the interactions that occur all over the world as a process to spread information or points of view that may be political, economic, religious or social that involves minimising potential misunderstanding and overcoming any barriers to communication at each stage in the communication process; it could be a spoken speech such as the news on television broadcasts and radio stations or written texts like newspapers and magazines articles. Written media discourse is essential in the modern world and is the most common form of communication and it involves any type of interaction that makes use of words and it involves more than one person. Written discourse can be revised and edited any time before the audience can read it as it is more grammatically complex than spoken discourse. Written
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They define cohesion as the grammatical and lexical ties within a text or sentence that holds a text together and gives it a meaning. Brown & Yule (1983) clarify that Halliday & Hasan summarize a taxonomy of types of cohesive relationships can be established within a text providing cohesive ties that bind a text together and it is indicated by formal markers that relate utterances to contexts. Grimes (1972) states that cohesion in discourse seems to include “further grouping of information blocks into lager units rather like the way sentences are grouped into paragraphs in written discourse.” (Grimes, 1972, p. 300)
Tanskanen (2006) defines cohesion as it is the grammatical and lexical elements in a text that create connections between parts of the text. Halliday & Hasan (1976) classify cohesion into five categories which are reference, substitution, ellipsis, conjunction and lexical cohesion.
5.1. Lexical
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