Media Critical Analysis

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This essay attempt to provide a critical analysis of the role of media in empowering the voices of challenger groups such as protesters, terrorists, activists etc. and the implications of unchecked interactions with these marginalised groups by media. A one piece write up is adopted to address the argument put forward in order to attain the objective of this paper in a systematic manner. News media is a significant part of the daily activities and experience of the society. The news media disseminate of information to large and heterogeneous audiences. What the media represent as an important topic of discussion often appears relevant to the society, affecting the public’s opinions. Public opinion is vital especially in democratic states. Reporting…show more content…
Stories can be reported based on cultural and ideological bias. Journalist’s preference for certain kinds of stories and their views on them influence the public’s opinion about political actors and events. Citizens accept media messages without interpreting them because making sense of media content requires skills and clues (Street, 2010: 54). Hence, their opinions are influenced by news depending on the message or their exposure and beliefs. Media controls what goes outside and its effect on the people is unconscious. The media’s effect on the citizens is often unintentional and unnoticed. Reporting of events is not made to be equal or even objective. “News is always partial and biased as a result of the circumstances in which it is produced.” (Hodkinson, 2010: 147). Objective journalism is difficult to evaluate because of the journalists preference of certain stories. While the media may appear to react in a political conflict as objective, Wolfsfeld argues that news frames are

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