Media Corporations Influence On Society

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Who owns media, who owns what we watch, and how much of what we hear is true? These questions are valid questions we should be asking but fail to ask. Is our media this whole big monopoly that only a few individuals have a hand and say on. This is a topic that very few people have knowledge of and majority of the population is uneducated on. Us, as human beings have every right to know what is going on within our media and be able to handpick what we want to listen to and watch. However, in reality we are being force fed and have been censored on the content we once thought was “freedom of the press” In my paper, I will discuss and give examples of reasons why the media corporations have blinded and cheated us in so many unethical ways that people are still oblivious to see. Before we start with examples we have to clearly start from the roots of these corporations showing what they own and why it is important to know what these corporations have a hold of. In my paper I will be discussing the 6 major corporations from 2011 and how they have impacted our lives. The 6 big media giants that have become a household name are GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. Lets start from the beginning, media started way before it was considered media. Media started off from the first story ever told. Media has been around for centuries beyond our knowledge. Media can be described and explained in different ways. Media in my explanation is the use of mass communication through vast mediums, such as posters, books, radios, televisions, etc. In a simple way the way media works is you have someone feeding information and knowledge, which is passed on from one person to another through these mediums, as in news anchors broadcasti... ... middle of paper ... is bad, however you have to take in context that media isn’t the same as it was a decade ago. Many of these media moguls are just playing and running media that other companies are bribing them or what their executives are politically for. Bibliography • Ashley Lutz, . N.p.. Web. 2 Dec 2013. . • Michael, . N.p.. Web. 2 Dec 2013. . • Mujtaba, . "MASS MEDIA AND ITS INFLUENCE ON SOCIETY ." . N.p., 28 january 2011. Web. 2 Dec 2013. • "Who Owns The Media?." . N.p.. Web. 2 Dec 2013.
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