Media Bias Essay

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Reputation plays a significant role in who you turn to for the latest news and current events. Consumers value content that matches their opinion which incentivizes media firms to slant their reports by omitting certain facts. Media firms report on things they believe the consumer want to hear and sometimes they leave out key facts that others wise would have been reported. In recent years some of the biggest news anchors honesty and integrity have been called into question because of their opinion based reporting. Bias can be found in news even if it isn’t always helpful, a model created by Matthew Gentezhow and Jesse Shapiro found that bias would be less extreme if the consumer received independent evidence on the actual state of world affairs and if the competition between news outlets would decrease. I will discuss how media bias in reporting is used to appeal to the consumer, I will also connect media bias and reporting to my future career goals. Media bias is the perceived bias of journalist and news producers with mass media in the selection of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered. We expect news outlets to give the public factual content on things that happen at home and abroad. Factual content…show more content…
While still in college preferably my junior year I would like to get an internship with Google or Nike in their journalism /communication department which hopefully leads to a job offer as the communication brand director. As a communication director I would have to have influence, be effective and be able to network as well as have exceptional writing skills. Media bias impacts my future area of work because it can have profound effects on advertisements that are released to the public. There was no correlation between advertising and content in national newspapers but product recommendations companies get from publications are shown to benefit from bias (Reuter & Zitzewitz
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