Media Bias Analysis

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The term bias can generally be referred to the situation that hinders or prevents complete consideration of an issue or situation. Bias may be viewed as a normal aspect in daily human life but in the situation where there is hidden bias can be very dangerous. Hidden bias may mislead and lead to rise of several disputes especially in the society. Bias is also very common aspect in the media as well. To understand and disclose it better it appropriate to choose two Medias and analyze them under a similar current topic. The CNN and USA Today can offer good basis for these analysis. To bring the bias out clearly it is also appropriate also to figure out a similar current topic or issue such as the issue on gun control that has been trending currently in both Medias and bring out this aspect of bias clearly from that. The issue to gun control and the relative policies towards the same have recently and commonly have been in the media. The issue has been brought differently by this Medias and some bias can be linked to them. The two Medias have had very different political perspectives and therefore the variance and the contradiction in the manner in which news are brought out about gun policies. The CNN network has made their political perspective clear in this issue. It is clear that they support the second amendment on gun control policies. With the second amendments no weapons should be in the hands of the citizens. All weapons should be control by the relevant stakeholders dealing with the national security of the United States of America. They advocate for necessary gun control laws to be put in place. On the other hand, the USA Today can also be linked to its political perspective from how the issue on gun control a current issu... ... middle of paper ... ...NN networks that in this case of gun control supports the side of government signing in new laws to control gun possession among the Americans will mostly reveal and deal with the advantages that comes along with this rather than the advantages that may come alongside trying to enforce the available laws and not limiting the possession of gun possession among the public. USA Today also seemed to criticize the other side of their perspective that the CNN networks was in support of. The CNN networks strongly pushed for the gun control laws. In a story they published: a six year old shooting to kill a woman in the states South Carolina strongly condemned the possession of weapons among the public thereby clearly setting aside for their political perspective. Another issue to consider when analyzing bias of the media is in the aspect of omission of certain key issues.

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