Media And Violence: The Causes Of Violence In The Media

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American society emphasizes violence in the media. Television shows, movies, and video games, are all outlets researchers often place blame when considering the effects media has on violent behavior. Television shows, movies, and video games frequently revolve around violent plots, characters die in gruesome ways, and violence against others is common place. “Social learning is the branch of behavior theory most relevant to criminology. Social learning theorist, most notably Albert Bandura, argue that people are not actually born with the ability to act violently, but that they learned to be aggressive through their life experiences.” (PG. 161)
Research indicates that adolescents between 11 and 14 watch violent horror movies more than any other
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162). Notably with social theory evidence shows, kids who watch TV are more likely to continue in aggressive behaviors as adults.” One study found that kids who watch more than an hour of TV each day are more likely to participate in acts of aggression later in life. One reason for this is that watching TV for long periods may create changes in a child’s personality and cognition that produce long-term behavior changes. “Dmitri Christakis and his associates found that for every hour of television watched daily between the ages of one and three the risk of developing attention problems increased nine percent over the life course; attention problems have been linked to antisocial behaviors.” (PG.…show more content…
I feel it is an extremely complicated method to blame the media for all violence. The person committing violent acts, is choosing to commit those acts. The acceptability of the violent act is altered by the media’s influence and reach regarding violence. Every outlet provides only a glimpse into how much violence is allegedly occurring because of media in the world today. I’m not an extremist one way or the other, however I do partially believe the research that has been done in regards to media and violence. I feel there is little objectivity or reason to not commit violent acts, when violence is a person’s normal. Media is everywhere and I feel that yes, media does have an effect on violence “contributes” however I don’t feel it can be blamed for the
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