Media And The Positive Effects Of Violent Media

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According to Gerard Jones, violent media can actually have positive effects on young people because children will feel rage and anger just like anyone else. He explains that children need to experience anger so that they can learn to understand and control it. Jones also believes that violent media are a positive influence on children because it can make the child braver. Jones explains how violent media can help a child view the problems around them and help motivate them to fix it, just like a superhero would. Jones makes some good points. For example, he brings up the quote of Melanie Moore, an urban teen psychologist, who said, “Children need violent entertainment in order to explore inescapable feelings that they’ve been taught to deny,…show more content…
For example, in Jones’ essay, he explains to the reader how he grew up as a lonesome and fearful boy. He tells the reader how “The Incredible Hulk” helped him break out of his shell. Whether this is true or not, this does not mean that the effect of violent media will be positive all the time. Every person thinks and functions differently. Paraphrasing Tori DeAngelis, an author for the American Psychological Association, writes about how social class can have different effects on us psychologically. Everyone in different social classes thinks and acts differently. This way of thinking can even branch out to a person’s culture, past, and religion. Jones’ experience may only be the same for those who have lived in the same conditions as him. Some people have lived in war-torn countries, gone through an abusive relationship, or could have even had trouble with a school bully. These people would not be able to handle the rage or violent tendencies that are brought out by violent…show more content…
He agrees that violent media has inspired real world events. This is not something to agree on, because it shows the blatant truth of violent media. In today’s world, kids are exposed to violent media on an hourly basis. Any parent will tell you that kids will copy anything the parent does. Why is that? It’s because children learn from their surroundings. When they are surrounded by violence, they will grow up to be violent. When they are surrounded by peace, they will grow up to be peaceful, too. This imitation in kids has been proven by Albert Bandura, a famous 1960’s psychologist. Bandura conducted an experiment that is now known as the Bobo Doll Experiment. Bandura’s goal was to see how social behaviors, such as aggression, could be gained by observing and imitating others. To sum up the experiment, Bandura had the kids watch an adult beat up a doll, while another group was shown playing with the doll. The results showed that the children in both groups imitated the adults; the kids who watched the doll get beat up repeated what they had seen, and the ones who watched the doll get played with did the same, as well. This experiment changed the way people act in front of their children, because of the chance they will imitate
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