Media And Stereotyping Gender Roles In The Media

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In modern society, stereotyping others is a common action that most people do to show what they know about a specific group. To stereotype an individual demonstrates the society’s lack of knowledge. Stereotyping within the society is closely related to an individual’s gender and the traditional roles that comes with the gender. Although the traditional roles were never verified as the proper roles, they continue to play a part within the modern society. Nevertheless, stereotyping gender roles should be reduce as it inflicts harm to people’s self-esteem and their individuality. In order to reduce stereotyping gender roles, the society should allowed better understanding of gender in child’s development, encouraging women into joining men-like…show more content…
Media as a tool that is worldwide can easily influence how one is seen in the modern society. It can help women improve their representation and stop the creation of strong stereotypes. The motivation that drives stereotyping of women is the image of an ideal woman. According to Stephanie Nicholl Berberick, who established a work in The New York Sociologist, the media exploit women into portraying characters that do not reflect the true image of women, which leads to a wrong message being expressed to the society. Women portrayed as skinny and sexy would create stereotypes that can influence other women that are not related to media (Berberick). When women portrayed such roles, they tend to affect the society into thinking that all women are similar. However that is not the case, as all women have different personalities and attributes that make them different from other women. Women should not bother about men’s ideal thinking of how women should look and behave as women have the same rights as men and they are no different from each other. However, the issue is that media chooses to only display the ideal image of women rather than the true self. Even so, this issue can be fixed if women choose to gain a better and less exposed representation in the media, it is possible that stereotyping women can be reduced to a small