Media And Social Media In George Saunders's The Braindead Megaphones

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It is no secret that in society no matter where a person goes they will be surrounded by influences of news media and social media. There are televisions in restaurants, gyms, and homes, and on them there is a constant stream of twenty-four hour news. Often times what is being reported on television, or through news apps, is being presented primarily for an entertainment purpose. This is what George Saunders analyzes in his 2007 essay, “The Braindead Megaphone,” in which he criticizes not only the news media system, but also society as a whole, for the way news is received and accepted. He speaks to the fact that news media has an expectation that society doesn’t reflect, or have critism, for what is reported to them. Society accepts what they hear, because it is coming form a reliable source. He says, “Does stupid, near-omnipresent media…show more content…
Saunders argues that media has the ability to change what people are talking about and alter their opinions, by being constantly there. In Cyberbully this is demonstrated first hand when Taylor’s best friend, just wanting to fit in herself, begins to distance herself from Taylor and eventually tells her that they can no longer be friends because of the rumors that are being spread at Taylor’s expense. Her friend does not want to be associated with her because she too wants to fit in and she has heard so many rumors repeated and repeated that she has begun to see them reflected in Taylor. She accuses Taylor of being overly flirtatious, an activity that before the rumors she openly encouraged. Her changing opinion of her childhood best friend, based on a group of obvious lies, shows the weight and importance placed on false truths and what others think has become more important in society then true friendship, and standing with friends through hardships, especially ones based off of

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