Media Affects the Self Esteem and Body Image of Young Girls

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A girl has either a negative distorted view of her physical appearance or she feels positive about the way she looks and is comfortable in her own body. The most common perspective of how a girl thinks her body image looks is negative. Girls tend to think that celebrities’, models’, and television stars’ bodies are the only way that they should look. The ongoing exposure of an unrealistic body image can deceive what is actually reality. Some people believe that girls get this standards of “beautiful” from their peers and family when in reality girls get these standards from the media and prominent people in society. Contemporary media negatively influences a girls self image by perceiving the look of the “perfect” body. Girls will do anything to reach their ideal body image that they strive for. It is not surprising that the media’s driven image forces girls to think a certain way about themselves. Girls need to realize that losing weight is not a competition and should be done in a healthy way. Over exercising is not always the way to go about losing weight. That can be unhealthy and will cause extra stress on a girl’s body that is not needed. Weight loss is not always the best option either. Everyone has a different body type, which restricts people from being able to compare each other equally. “Beauty is found in imperfections. It is what separates people and makes them interesting. Our natural scars tell stories. The lines on our faces are from laughter.” (Dittmann 13). Even after all the money spent, all the sweaty hours in the gym, starvation of food, most girls will never have the “super model” bodies they are trying to accomplish. If this unrealistic image were brought to a girl’s attention they would not suffer from this negativity of trying to look like something they will never be able to accomplish. “Girls need to learn values that reinforce their worth beyond beauty.” (Ending the Hypersecualization 12). Instead of dieting to lose weight girls will starve themselves and will not eat for weeks at a time. Ellen Shell did research and found that “More than three-quarters of healthy-weight adult women in the U.S. believe they are "too fat," and nearly two-thirds of high school girls are on diets” (Shell 6). Most of these girls are already average weight and should continue with their regular eating habits to remain on a healthy pathway.
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