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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” declared Eleanor Roosevelt. The quote epitomizes the concept of dreams, the future, and inspiration. Life has an intention to it; the intention to create or dig your way from one bus stop full of obstacles to the next. Dreams tend to describe what a goal is, but from my perspective, it’s far beyond of what exemplify that a goal is. Humans learn that beyond the Milky Way galaxy, there is more than just out solar system. Why would we humans be the only creatures out of the millions of galaxies out there? Our aim, or wonderment is not “are we alone”, it’s “how far are we from our neighbors and when will we meet?” This is a goal, with an intention to get at that point to learn more among ourselves, the universe. On the contrary, is this a dream, to pursue your motive of living, to discover the truth of particular concept, or a goal? Goals have a purpose of doing a certain action. From my viewpoint, a dream can never be your goal. A goal is your target, a successful attempt at hitting, kicking, it throwing a ball or hitting a puck into a goal; it’s also the end of a race. Several individuals observe it as something that somebody wants to achieve. Afterwards, when they achieve that goal; they say “I finally did it, Yes!” That phrase, describes a goal, while “I love doing this, and want to continue,” is a dream. What’s the difference must be the question to your puzzled look. Dreams are the persistence, assiduousness, and crucially the hope of an individual’s life. The focal point is that hope is the source to success. A dream is not a restriction, just to make your life easier; it’s the box in your mindset labeled, “Believe.” Believe... ... middle of paper ... ...t could be assigned to offices organizers, danger directors, or natural health experts. Making and supporting a healthy school environment obliges responsibility from everybody. As with any systemic revamping, change requires serious energy once in a while years. Over time, schools will recognize issues, then investigate them and make essential progressions. Even as schools discovery great answers for one set of issues, new challenges emerge. Thus, a school's consideration regarding the defense of its surroundings will develop and acclimate to evolving circumstances, while never losing sight of teaching their people. Give authority and authoritative backing for making and maintaining a solid school environment. Ultimately, we need the students to make a commitment on behalf of becoming leaders and wisely making decisions to construct a healthy school community.

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