Medea by Euripdes

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Medea by Euripdes The tragic tale, Medea, by Euripdes proposes a certain question which creats speculism. Wether or not Medea is the villan, or is she a product of her environment, is frequently crictly analyzed. Medea, in the tale, committs a series of evil actions against the people which betrayed her. The cruel betrail which Medea endures can be interpreted as motif for her actions. Critical analysis of the circumstances surounding Medea can help explain the vile deeds she comitted. In order to fully understand the actions taken by Medea we must grasp the socialogical postion of woman and men of the time. The culpret of the betrayal is Jason, Medea's former husband. In many ways the entire play has to do with the growing empowerment of women. Jason and Medea disagree about what Jason's new marriage means. Jason seems to be using that argument that he did it out of benefit for her and her children. This is obvoiusly a lie though because we know that Jason will know that Medea will not be able to enjoy the full right of citizenship that her children might. Medea has ...

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