Medea - Bitter Fury Run Amuck

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Told from the perspective of an oppressed and scorned woman, Medea tells the tale of bitter fury run amuck. Set in the city-state of Corinth, Greece in 431 B.C. Medea is a Greek tragedy. The story begins with Medea’s nurse bemoaning the day Medea met Jason, starting this tragic chain of events. The Nurse, not only laments the lengths, up to and including murder, that Medea has already went to in her love of Jason, but also the fact that she knows Medea is not going to put up with the treatment she is now receiving. Jason has decided to marry the king’s daughter, effectively abandoning Medea and their children. Adding insult to injury Kreon, the princess’s father intends to exile Medea running her and her children from the land. Both Jason and Kreon underestimate Medea’s rage and intellect. Medea devises a diabolical plot to kill Jason’s betrothed and her own children. Driven by revenge and a single focused determination to make Jason suffer, Medea sends his fiancé a beautiful robe and a golden crown laced with poison. Once she dresses in the attire the poison takes aff...
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