Meaning and logic

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1. Introduction
The goal of this seminar paper is to pinpoint the relationship of semantic meaning and logic; as the name suggests. However, to achieve this, one must be acquainted with both topics; i.e., one must understand how meaning and logic function inside their scientific disciplines – semantics and philosophy, respectively. After briefly explaining the key issues of meaning and logic, the main hypothesis will be discussed; that is to say how meaning and logic go hand in hand, therefore, having one without the other is basically impossible. This is followed by a conclusion which will summarise and explain the importance of this paper.
To be able to understand the relationship between meaning and logic and how one is bound to the other, implies that one has to be able to grasp the basic concepts of meaning and logic. That is to say that without meaning, logic cannot exist and this seminar paper will try to further explain this.
2. Meaning as the Centre of Semantics
The study of meaning is foremost discussed in linguistics, philosophy and psychology. As a subfield of linguistics, semantics primarily discusses the study of meaning through various units of discourse. Furthermore, linguistic semantics devotes its study to organise and express meanings. Philosophy or rather, philosophy of language focusses, among other things, on the nature of meaning and is often regarded as a part of logic. As for psychology, one of the questions it concerns itself with is the way the human mind pursues meaning (Kreidler, p. 2, 3).
In this seminar paper, the main study and topic of concern is semantics, while it is closely related to logics, which is why it will free itself from psychology and philosophy in a broad sense.
By a definition, the...

... middle of paper ... question? And how can anyone think logically when they do not even know the concept behind that they are thinking about? The answer here is obvious; there is no logical thinking if there is no meaning behind the thought.
The theme of this paper should definitely be further contemplated, because it seems that the main points discussed in it were only able to scratch the surface of the relationship in question. Theories of truth and meaning, sense relations and entailment, connotation, the law of identity and the everyday usage are only some of the issues concerning the notions of logic and meaning. Even though the points in this paper might make others think about the possibilities that they never thought were imaginable or they might evoke a new, never before seen interest; it is clear that it was written more from a contemplative view than anything else.
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