Meaning Of Love

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What is love? What does love genuinely mean to all of us? What can love genuinely change all of us? Was love a feeling of the moment, a strike by the Cupid, the angel of the desire or the future of yourself? According to the reading the short story, “The Happy Prince,” by Oscar Wilde and “Yellow Face,” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the poem “To My Dear and Loving Husband,” written by Anne Bradstreet. They all show from a different view that what is the meaning of love and what has it genuinely stand. So what was love? Love was a sacrifice, trust, accompany, and understanding between the two. Love is also immortal because all these base things of the passion in life, which had to build up the future viability and everything come after…show more content…
Which letting people trust, understanding and accompany their passion until the end of their life. For example in the story “Yellow Face,” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, we have to see the meaning of love is to trust. It was that understanding between them, which show that love has unlimited possibilities of all the time. When the Grant Munro said to his wife after he finds out the secret between them and understand the reason why she does that, after all, he said, “I am not a very good man, Effie, but I think that I am a better one that you have given me credit for being” (Doyle page 17). This show what love truly is, it was that understanding and trust in the deep of the heart, even you know the ones you love keep secret and promise away from you, but that understanding of love will make you forget it, because that relationship has built on in love is the strongest force in the world. Whatever they have to face nothing can stop them and broke their love. Also, love doesn’t just mean to trust, that unlimited possibilities of the time are the most mystery path of love. For example the story the “Yellow Face,” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when the Sherlock Holmes said, “I am getting a little over-confident in my powers, or giving fewer pains to a case than it deserves” (Doyle page 17). This has shown that love has unlimited possibilities, what you know and think may come out different then…show more content…
It makes people sacrifice everything even their life to promise and protect it. And use all the time in their life to accompany him. For example just by the story of “The Happy Prince,” by Oscar Wilde when the Swallow said to the happy prince that, “I will stay with you always” (Wilde 4). In here it shows that sacrifice love can be something like accompanying him, even will you know that you may lose your life for it. But what, like the Swallow even he knows the winner, snow, cold and death is coming to get him and he will die if he doesn’t leave right now, but it was because love that force he wanting to sacrifice his life to accompany until the last second of his life because that is how important love mean in his life and to him. Love also means continue in the “The Happy Prince,” by Oscar Wilde when it shows after the Swallow death, “At that moment a curious crack sounded inside the statue as if something had broken. The fact is that the leaden heart had snapped right in two” (Wild Page 5). This shows that death is not just the end between the love, but it was that feeling of you, that you could even see that you lose something that was most important in your life on that moment on that time. When the one you lose him forever you will see that the time seem to stop, so live in now and with your love when you still have him because that was all path of the love to continue and to accompany. Also in the
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