Meaning Of Anchoring In Architecture

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Every building has one site. This site collects all purposes of the building. Both the building and the site are a determinant factor for each other as from the beginning of architecture. At this point, the urban voids are anchored to one place. This connection comes to light by associations that occur with myths and historical events. Today, the link between voids should be designed in a new way that is one of the structural transformations in modern life. Holl believes that “architecture should not so much intrude on a landscape as it should serve to explain or illuminate it.” (Mcgavock, 2012, pp. 28-29) When looking at the word of “anchoring” in the dictionary, anchoring means to moor a ship to sea with an anchor. Actually, the term of…show more content…
Architecture is not ever autonomous, contrary it is related to the city and the structural area. When looking at the architecture of Steven Holl, a continuity can be seen. The word of anchoring that is used as becoming a place shows some similarities with the approach of “critical regionalism” defined by Kenneth Frampton (1983). Frampton describes forms that are thought like an image and mentions the possibilities of an authentic architectural manner that refers to a specific place of architecture. According to Holl (1989), the most distinctive feature of architecture instead of the other activities is to stem from being an integral part of a place. This means that place is a ground with its inside and outside and constitutes the basis of both the building and the design. Holl’s architectural manner contains the responsibility of focusing on the urban voids in architectural design. In his essay named as “Modernizm’in Yerellikle Uzlaşma Arayışı: Holl” , Abdi Güzer (1995) mentions about the concept of anchoring of Holl that the exterior voids are not only the ground of the building but also of design concepts. Also, the building does not always have a change in order to take part in music, film or art, thus every building has only one place. In like manner, in his article “The Murmur of the Site”, Rafael Moneo claims that the urban void is the ground in which a building is…show more content…
Not only the environmental features such as light, climate or topography but also cultural features such as local identity and the local materials could define the word of context. Like Norman Foster, in contextualism, a significance approach is to indicate material, technical and visual continuity with its surrounding. Moreover, in Holl’s architecture, every situation refers to a specific context for an architectural thought. This context doesn’t propose a significant or objective situation, contrarily it is a subjective commentary including historical, cultural and physical meanings (Yorgancıoğlu, 2004). For Holl, the exterior voids take references from the interior voids, which constitutes a way of references and situations in the urban context. For Steven Holl, site could be thought of a reference point for an architectural design. Within the context of architectural design today, the concept of anchoring describes how a building fixes itself upon the site on which it sits and gradually changes its surroundings. These changes in the environment are later reflected on the people that occupy these spaces. In such circumstances, voids can take form and may be designed with the notion of
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