Meaning In Nursing: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Throughout the years the nursing profession has grown and established itself as a strong force in the medical field. With more education and repeated interaction with the nursing staff patients have come to see the importance of nurses within the medical field. The constant request or demand to see the physician is slowly fading away, as most patients would prefer to speak with their nurse. I believe part of the patient’s preference comes from the constant interaction, but most importantly the care provided. This care spans further than just the physical care nurses provide, but also includes the attention and impact the nurse has on the patient. Upon talking with experienced nurses, they noted exemplifying care is something that continues to grow and change throughout their nursing…show more content…
Therefore as a new nurse it is important I define caring in nursing, decipher how my Christian faith impacts caring, decide my personal philosophy of nursing, and understand how my values and morals will implement my practice as a
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