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Geisha’s are effectively known to be introduced by the Japanese tradition. They are mainly known as female entertainers or courtesans who went through five years of training and sometimes beyond. Their skills and training includes performing diverse kinds of arts which can also be referred to it as a specific kind of art like playing classical music, dancing and playing games. They mainly focus on their conversation or communication skills in order to amuse their male customers, particularly because they need to make their customers happy and content. In the modern-day world Geisha’s not only work for the amusement of their male customers but also for their female patrons. It is known that people particularly from the old age often visit Japan…show more content…
According to some the very word Geisha’s refers to prostitutes. There also has been an argument based on Geisha’s mainly because some considered them as courtesans, male entertainers and even prostitutes. But the real explanation based on the true meaning behind Geisha’s is that they are the people who sell their art not their bodies although this explanation can differ from one individual to the other. So the direct explanation would be that Geisha’s are artist or performing artist. So being a true Geisha is considered as graciousness and courteousness to the girls who are training to become a Geisha. After the passing stage of being a true Geisha there is a higher status which is then called…show more content…
It was known that Golden took at least ten years in order to finish this great, inspiring and the insight behind the Geisha’s artistic life and the truth which lies beneath their artistic smile and red lips. According to Golden based on his studies, Geisha’s play a very minor role in the society. Based on the novel written by Golden young girls were sold by their families in order to convert them into Geisha’s and also primarily for money. These young girls were often subjected to as the “Mizu Age”, most of the times their virginity is often sold to the highest bidder. This took place until the mid 20th Century. They fascinate people around them where ever they go. They mainly represent the image of bewildering and the timeless history about the Japanese culture and traditions. The earliest types of Geisha’s are known to be male. The difference between Geisha’s and prostitute Geisha’s is that prostitute usually wears the bow of their sash in the front side of their kimono, but Geisha’s wear their sash neatly on the

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