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As a writer, I think that I am not as good as I thought I was back in high school. I see myself as a student who tries their best, but makes “B” average work. I have never really taken the time to relate to my papers. I always just wrote what the teacher wanted and handed it in. In my mind, I never really liked trying to explain in full detail what something meant. Back in high school, my teachers always wanted me to explain my writing in such depth that a kindergartener would understand why Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Trying to explain my writing was always very tiring. I often would get bored trying to explain and just stop writing and do something else for a while. Most of the time in high school I didn’t like writing. Mainly because I thought my writing wasn’t good enough to see the light of day.
I never like peer editing. I was always afraid that whoever read my paper would make fun of it. I became very self-conscience about writing. I never let anybody see my paper. I would just write it then edit it myself and turn it in. Even though I made A’s in my English classes, I still didn’t like what I had to write. The only thing I did like writing about was creative things. When I could come up with the topic and just go with it, I loved it. I love being creative. I can describe in detail an abandon house and make it a very interesting story. I would picture the house in my mind and be able to describe anything and everything that would bring the house alive in my writing. It was fun to be able to create a story out of thin air and bring it to life. But when I don’t like the topic or when I have to have certain things in the paper, I feel constricted almost like living in a prison and it causes my writing to be boring.
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... I write I cannot think of anything that pertains to the topic. Therefore, I will listen to music or look around the room to see if anything connects to my topic. A lot of the time, I will close my eyes and just let my mind write. I found this to help me write what I am thinking. Sometimes it is hard to take what you think in your mind and translate it into a sentence that would make sense to the reader. Sometimes not even looking gives me more inspiration and makes it easier for words to flow than looking at my writing. I think there are some things I need to improve on like my inner critic and having less writer’s block. I do make mistakes while writing, but I am only human. That is how I learn to correct my writing skills. Without making so many mistakes in past papers, I probably would not be where I am right now, which is on the road to being a better writer.
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