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In todays society we still face issues of sexual harassed in our everyday life especially the workplace. Sexual harassment has been an ongoing issue in our society sometimes people speak out on the matter and sometimes they don't. The movement "Me Too" has captured the world attention by making headlines on all media sources. Social media has played a big part of the movement becoming so widely known for the hashtag Me Too know as "#MeToo" this, let's primarily women to share their story's of sexual harassment and sexual assault primarily in the workplace. The Me Too movement how's encourage a lot of victims to open up. This movement has become very important because people who are victims of sexual harassment or no longer alone and …show more content…

Burke's objective was to spread awareness of sexual abuse and sexual assault in our society today. Me too movement has been an active movement for the past 10 years. Thanks to this movement, we have people who are victims and they are willing to share their experiences. The movement has not gone too far in fact, it's helped another woman to speak out on this issue. For years woman have never spoken of this issue because they felt embarrassed and ashamed, but they no longer have to do that. According to the Atlantic an article posted by Sophie Gilbert makes a very good point, she says "For a long time, most women defined their own sexual harassment and assault in this way: as something unspoken, something private, something to be ashamed of acknowledging." This is why this movement has not gone too far it's just encouraging people to not be victims anymore. We can't let a person who sexually harasses us walk around like nothing happened. This is why this movement is so important because now people are being held responsible for things they have done to hurt others. Now that this movement has become widely popular man are thinking twice before sexually harassing a woman again. Gilbert adds "The power of #MeToo, though, is that it takes something that women had long kept quiet about and transforms it into a movement." You no longer have to hide in silence anymore women should no longer be in fear. Thanks to this movement women are starting to listen to each other stories and this is why people are coming forward because this has become a very empowering movement and it helped and change the life of so many people around the

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  • Opines that the movement "me too" has captured the world attention by making headlines on all media sources.
  • Explains that the me too movement has become the voice to hundreds of people around the world. no man should have the right to take advantage of any woman.
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