Mcdonalds: The History And History Of Mcdonald's

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“Everyone come down to McDonald’s today! All McDonald’s in the United States are celebrating their 60th anniversary. Hamburgers are selling for only 60 cents!” Micah Banks from 104.3 radio station announces. “OO! OO!” my baby sister shouts, “Mommy can we go?” Of course, my mom agrees. She always agrees. We take a trip there at least twice a week since it’s near our house. There’s at least one franchise at every block in every city. Everywhere I go, I see something relating to McDonald’s, whether if it’s someone holding a container of McDonalds’ famous, crispy, salty French fries or finding a McDonald’s ad in the newspaper. It is said that McDonald’s is the most popular fast food restaurant in the U.S. and is one of the world’s largest food…show more content…
Dick and Mac McDonald founded the first McDonald’s in 1940. It was called “McDonald’s Bar-B-Q,” which was located in San Bernardino, California. The McDonald brothers then shut down their restaurant for three months for alterations and renovations. It reopened in December 1948 as a self-serve, drive-in restaurant. At the time, McDonald’s had a nine-item menu but was known for its 15-cent hamburger. Of course, it became well known due to the use of ads displayed on billboards. In 1955, a significant change was made. Ray Kroc, a multi-mixer salesman, was interested in the McDonald brothers’ business. That year, he founded the McDonald’s system incorporation and later, bought the exclusive rights to the McDonald’s name. From then, many McDonald’s restaurants opened across the U.S. as well as in other countries. It is currently ranked number one as “the biggest fast food chain across the U.S.” (McConnell, Bhasin Par.…show more content…
Although the words and literary devices may seem appealing, customers are deceived into buying these products. For instance, the use of the word “Dollar” is incorporated into the dollar menu ad. People associate money with numbers. So, instead of putting the number one with a dollar sign in front of it, McDonald’s placed the word “Dollar.” When ordering a meal at McDonalds, many people order from the dollar menu because they think “it… [is] a good deal” with just having the word “dollar” in it (Prescott Par. 2). According to Lorene Yue, an online reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business, she points out that McDonald’s uses the dollar menu to “profitably… lure people to its restaurants by offering a burger or chicken sandwich for a buck and then upselling customers once they get to the counter” (Par. 1). Also on her online report, Yue includes that “McDonald’s executives say pricing is [the] key to getting more people in the door” (Par. 4). About 10 to 14 percent of the McDonald’s monthly sales are due to the purchases of the dollar menu, which clearly shows how American Obesity could relate to the buying of cheap
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