Mcdonalds: The Effects Of Globalization Through The Impact Of Mcdonalds

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In the early 1940’s, the world was introduced to one of the largest companies within the food industry. What had started as a small entrepreneurial venture, quickly evolved into one of today’s largest fast food companies in the world. No matter where you in the world, everyone is capable of recognizing the big golden arches as a representation of the famous corporation, McDonalds. Their globally known status has functioned as a major contributor to consumer culture in Canada and as well as internationally. From their famous Big Mac sandwiches to their fresh crispy golden french fries, the company has created a great impact on the consumers through the effect of Globalization. In this essay, I will attempt to prove the effects of globalization…show more content…
Thus globalizing through the media causes the company to “think globally, program locally” (Waisbord, 378). This also allows companies to illustrate what is known as “glocalization.” The concept of glocalization is “the merits of a business “multicultural” strategy that is “sensitive” to cultural diversity. Such sensitivity is not informed by respect for or interest in preserving “multiculturalism” but rather to maximize opportunities for commercial gain” (Waisbord, 378). To further explain this concept, McDonald’s success as a corporation is initiated by adapting themselves to local and cultural markets. By doing so, the company sets an image of themselves to the world they are a company who expresses traditional, local ways of life within many aspects of contemporary culture. Elites, in this case, McDonald’s, use their power to develop dominant ideas that control how society interacts. These specific ideas are communicated to a mass audience through the use of media and technology. The perspectives on false consciousness, dominant ideology and a terrain of struggle illustrate capitalist effects on how society is being impacted and regulated. Social reality is controlled through the use of specific ideologies that are shared through the media by

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