Mcdonald's Sustainability In The Fast Food Industry

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McDonald’s Sustainability The purpose of this paper is to introduce you to the fast food industry, how it is everywhere in the United States and increasingly spreading globally. The majority of the fast food restaurants in the United States is dominated by hamburger fast food restaurants. Amongst the burger segment, McDonald’s is the number one leader in the burger industry, followed by Burger King, and Wendy’s respectively (Oches, 2011). After a brief introduction and history of McDonald’s, you will be guided into what measures McDonald’s uses in their journey to a more sustainable business. While also assessing their sustainable framework and the five key areas they focus on as a company, which include: people, planet, food, sourcing,…show more content…
Typically the fast food industry is associated with urban development, franchised operations which become chain restaurants across the globe that offer standardized meals, so that consumers can enjoy their favorite meals anywhere (Borade, G. (2012). Tracy V. Wilson states that McDonald’s was the first fast food restaurant to utilize a speedy assembly-line system to prepare food when the McDonald brothers opened up a redesigned restaurant in 1948, in which other chains followed a couple years after in the 1950’s (Wilson, n.d.). The speedy delivery made McDonald’s the largest fast-food chain restaurant in the world…show more content…
Food sustainability has been on the rise as it affects animals, water usage, electricity, the environment, and human health. Foods are being poisoned with antibiotics, steroids, terrible living conditions of the animals which, creates diseases in the animals, as well as chemicals that are being put on our fruit and vegetables. Most of the fast food industry has recognized the need to become a more sustainable industry and in helping to become more sustainable, such as the world’s largest burger fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, they are focusing on five key areas such as food, people, planet, sourcing, and communities in which they serve in (The good business report,

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