Mcdonald's Statistic Portal Case Study

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According to The Statistic Portal “McDonald’s has grown into a global giant with increasing restaurant numbers years-on-years – in 2014, McDonald’s had 36,258 restaurants worldwide.” In 2015, number of franchises in the United States are 12,836, Canada are 1,181, and international are 15,527; the company personally owned 6,714 restaurants. The numbers of people who visit McDonald’s has increasing from 108.52 million in 2009 to 113.82 million in 2013 (The Statistic Portal). McDonald’s serves 1% of the population every day. People can easily find a McDonald’s restaurant around them; it is everywhere: in the malls, air ports, and even in hospitals. People have been eating McDonald’s since the company opened in 1948. Nowadays, it is often being…show more content…
McDonald’s food is poisonous. McDonald’s not only promoting unhealthy food to the adult, but also to the little kids. They spend over $1.8 billion every year on advertising. Also, they trying to show an image of being a caring company and a fun place to eat. McDonald’s works appeal to kids with a numbers of tricks. For example, McDonald’s playground, some communities don’t have playground for kids. So, McDonald’s playground is the only place parents can take their kids to play. Furthermore, there are Happy Meal appeal to the kids and birthday parties children can have at McDonald’s. Behind the scene McDonald’s is only interest in making money. They aim to open more and more restaurants across the globe. According to the article “5 Reasons to Never Let Your Kids Eat McDonald’s” Beth Buczynski said, “McDonald’s isn’t real food. The chicken nugget isn’t a part of the chicken’s anatomy, real ribs have bones, and most importantly, real food riots.” The interviewee, Jennifer Van, she said “people should not eat McDonald’s because you don’t know what it is made of. There have been videos and experiments done where the burger from McDonald’s takes much longer to rot than a normal burger, which means it cannot be normal. It probably has a lot of chemicals.” “If McDonald’s is so healthy for kids, why…show more content…
High flavoring means they either use chemicals or a lot of salt and sugar. Even normal people know it is unhealthy to consume too much salt and sugar. In the article “McDonald’s Transparency Campaign Reveals Toxic Ingredients” wrote by Alek Hidell, he states that “Americans awareness to health and diet issues prompted McDonald’s to put forth a campaign of transparency. What was found will disgust you beyond belief. If is no secret, fast food restaurants cut costs by taking short cuts.” The short cuts that leads to the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers and a slew of other chemicals. Aluminum sulfate is a chemical used in bread production. It activates yeast, so it helps to expand the bread size. This chemical is also used commonly as an artificial fertilizer for alkaline soils and pesticide. Ammonium chloride, it is an ingredient used in fireworks and other explosives products. This explosives chemical are using in the food human are consuming and McDonald’s did not aware to somewhat consider for the costumers the chemical might be harmful to the health. Also, silicone oil is a chemical used to make contact lenses and now McDonald’s using it in chicken nuggets production. People understand McDonald’s food is unhealthy and not clean, but they did not know in order for McDonald’s to produce those foods, they require to use chemicals which are used in explosives, contact lenses and who knows what other
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