Mcdonald 's Us The American Society Since 1940

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McDonald’s USA has been feeding the American society since 1940. Recently, the company has had various issues with people posting on social media as well as questioning the restaurant’s food. Millennials created controversy about what McDonald’s was serving its customers and this showed itself in ongoing negativity between social media, blogs, and news sites. This caused an extreme decrease in the restaurants sales. The tactic proposed was to become more transparent with the public, but the focused audience was “curious skeptic” millennials. The objective, output or action taken was “Our Food Your Questions”. McDonald’s realized that almost 2,000 possibilities to interact with customers were being lost. The solution was to have targeted audience ask questions to the rumors that were being said. Having a team of rapid responders that would answer questions for the public, an informational impact for the audience. The company answered almost 27,000 questions in just three months. McDonald’s did not only take the time to responded to millennials but also asked Grant Imahara, star of “Myth Busters” to take a project that would last four months. This output consisted of having Imahara go to different McDonald’s from across the states and uncover the truth about the company and its food. Through a YouTube channel, viewers watched how questions were being answered. This behavioral impact increased the company’s reputation to either positive or neutral comments. The output that McDonald’s had was effected and in a way did meet the criteria for the public. For instance, the salient information was used very well, by engaging with millennials about the negative feedback the company was getting. Having a team that specifically dealt with t... ... middle of paper ... ...e made. This key message will then lead to retention within the millennials. Less hormones in the food that is consumed would be expensive, but well worth the investment. McDonald’s claims that the beef being used in meals is 100% meat, yet the company also admits to having added hormones on the beef. Different ingredients used for the meals being prepared would be action that is taken by this fast food restaurant. Changing the way some ingredients is made will also change the food quality and would bring more people back in McDonald’s. Overall the fast food company had a successful response from millennials. There could still be some details that should be change. Whether or not the targeted audience returns to McDonald’s, with the recent custom service that was given to the public and interest about their needs, there is no doubt about potentially new customers.

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