McConnell Scholars Program

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When I grow up I want to be a rock star and have a pony and a castle. Since my preschool years, my ideas of the job I would have “when I got big” have changed on nearly a weekly basis. From doctor to lawyer to teacher to FOX News anchor, my occupational aspirations have shifted and been molded by personal experiences and incredible people with whom I have come into contact. Currently, my greatest, and longest lasting, career interests lie in foreign relations and diplomacy. Two experiences over the last two summers set apart in my mind a career in diplomacy from any other occupation. The first was living in Washington D.C. for a month as a Senate page with forty intelligent, eager, unique teenagers. It was a incredible privilege to see our nation’s Senators in action—debating, chatting, being interviewed, representing their constituents—and an honor to meet and watch powerful people and their staffs collaborate to further construct and maintain America’s framework. At first the experience grew my interests in politics, but later I realized the aspects of paging that I loved the most were living in the city of Washington D.C. and meeting many exceptional people from diverse backgrounds. These two interests pointed me to the goal of eventually working for the Department of State. That summer made me realize how much I love discussing issues with people who have unique mindsets stemming from their unique backgrounds and unique interests. It developed within me an eagerness to try new things, branch out, and test the bounds of my comfort zone. The brilliant, outgoing people surrounding me made me want to work harder and to be better. After paging I knew I wanted a job requiring my fullest efforts, engaging many of my interests, and c... ... middle of paper ... ...tend the meeting, listen to me, and participate. After none of these expectations were met, I realized that I would first have to work to meet the expectations and earn the respect of the council in order for them to trust me and want me to lead them. I have much to learn about leadership, and I want to be taught. The McConnell scholars program provides the perfect environment to gain leadership skills while also gaining a well-rounded education and constructing strong relationships with other scholars focused on building the same character traits. As I research colleges and complete applications and search for scholarships, I am overwhelmed by the number of degrees, programs, and learning experiences offered, but the McConnell Scholars Program seems to be the best fit for me because of its influence on a trait which I want to develop more and more: leadership.
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