McCarthy and Modern Republicanism, An Outline

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Then of Dec of 1954 for Senate voted around 67 to 22 to help now censure McCarthy for his behavior as he died alcoholic disease 3 years after Modern Republicanism • This was mastered through Dwight D. Eisenhower that pushed for this “Modern Republicanism” that was of GOP idea to moderate the New Deal They Liked Ike • Republicans were not the majority and then were only around ⅓ for the registered voters • It was of Robert A. Taft for Ohio that had led the Republicans through the Senate since 1939 but moderate time was coming with Eisenhower • Eisenhower was a popular choice due to his time during D-Day within Europe that Sen Richard M. Nixon of CA as the VP not for Communism • Truman was not renominated within 1952 and had many scandals or called “the mess in Washington” • Democrats then had Gov Adlai E. Stevenson from Illinois that was helped by liberals of Eleanor Roosevelt organized labor and had Sen. John A. Sparkman from Alabama for VP • Eisenhower had his speeches or “I Like Ike” for his slogan that stuck with voters better and attacked the opposing side of “K1,C2” or Korea, Communism, and Corruption • Nov of 1952 was Eisenhower winning the election with 55 percent of the vote with having all the northern and western states with only 4 southern • Republicans got the control of Congress but then lost it within 1954 and did not get it back with Eisenhower’s reelection within 1956 over Adlai Stevenson again The Hidden-Hand Presidency • It was of Eisenhower that was given by some political scientists the term of him having the “hidden-hand presidency” • It was after 1954 of the Democrats then had control over Congress with Eisenhower and his admin. then pushing for social welfare • Eisenhower helped with educ... ... middle of paper ... ...tion between both countries. SEATO Also was of John Foster Dulles who had the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization within 1954 to help link the U.S. and Euro allies with Australia and Pakistan or Thailand or New Zealand and Philippines with forty more countries sign it. Domino Theory This was the idea of Eisenhower hoping that where if French would fail would cause for that would lead of one to the next of collapsing of non-Communist govs. in the world. Zionist Movement It was this of the idea of having Jews to go back to their own homeland of Israel or (Palestine) where many survivors of WWII settled back in Palestine controlled by the British. Military-Industrial Complex Eisenhower said this in his final address which had given jobs to 3.5 million people and that the idea of Democracy must be valued and not hurt by opposing nations of Communist beliefs.

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