Mayan Colonization

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The Pre-Columbian history of Guatemala can date back to around 12,000 BC. Early settlers in Guatemala were hunters and gathers, but not long after they started to cultivate crops like maize. This time period was a very constructive time period for Guatemala with small villages made up of farmers. The Mayan civilization played a major role in the development all through out Guatemala but especially in Petén. During the height of the Maya civilization there were many cities being built and lots of other development. Those cities broke into independent city-states and this period lasted a while until the collapse of the Mayan civilization that happened about the year 900 AD. The cities the Mayans once built up were now forsaken or were left for dead due to a famine that came about from a drought in the central lowlands. After the fall of the Mayans in Guatemala, kingdoms stated to pop up throughout Guatemala in the cities left behind by the Mayans. The next major time period in Guatemala’s history was from the early 1500s to the early 1800s, this time period has come to be known as the Colonial period. Guatemala was colonized by the Spanish and led by Pedro de Alvarado. But the Spanish had help in their conquest of Guatemala from the Aztec emperor Cuaunhtèmoc and ten thousand Nahua warriors. At this point of Mayan existence their warfare tactics were aimed at seizure of prisoners and valuable items instead of beating other armies. And their weapons were made out of stones and wood. And the Mayans had armor made of quilted cotton that the Spaniards started to use instead of their steel armor. The Mayans did have one main advantage over the conquistadors that was knowledge of the land and already being use to the altitude. Many ... ... middle of paper ... ...gement signed they came up with the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, which was to help the Prosecutors and the police force. Their main objective was to get rid of organized crime in Guatemala that ran the drug trafficking. Up to 2010 the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala has brought up around 20 on of the major ones was against the head of the national civilian police Erwin Sperisen. Since he had dual citizenship with Guatemala and Switzerland he escaped to Switzerland to avoid prosecution in Guatemala for multiple murders and corruption. Though Guatemala has a lot farther to go in its search for human rights and eliminating corruption they have made steps in the right direction and continue to push foreword with the help from the United Nations and others they could reach the place where they want to be before to long.

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