Maya, Aztec, And Inca

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Imagine a person taking a walk through an art gallery that displays the pieces from cultures of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca. Would one be able to distinguish which piece came from which culture? There are many similarities in these cultures when it comes to art, architecture, and lifestyle. These three cultures make up part of what was Mesoamerica. Although they share a lot of are similarities, each culture is unique in their own way. However, it is clear that they derived influence from each other. This paper provides an insight on how these cultures arts are strikingly similar yet different in their own way. The Maya Civilization This was the first civilization of the Mesoamerica. It was developed by the people of Maya between the period of 800 BC and 900 AD (Maya Art History, 2016). Maya civilization is widely acknowledged for its development of a full writing system known as the hieroglyphic script, and the development of remarkable systems of astronomy, architecture, art, mathematics and calendar (Maya Art History, 2016). The Maya civilization covered the southeastern parts of Mexico, the whole of Belize and Guatemala, the western parts of El Salvador and Honduras (Maya Art History, 2016). The Maya civilization played a greater part in influencing the succeeding civilizations of the Mesoamerica especially the Aztec civilization. The Mayan art mainly focused on the Mayan religion and politics (Maya Art History, 2016). It mainly showed the religious rituals, human rituals, warfare, and daily life activities of the Maya people. The Mayans created sculptures as their main form of art (Maya Art History, 2016). They used these sculptures to decorate most of their cities. These sculptures were mostly situated within the Mayan temple... ... middle of paper ... ... the ceramics from the Aztec and the Incan civilization, one realizes those murals that decorate these artifacts are done in a geometrical manner, a feature that was not common in the Mayan works, but was common in the Incan works, and the Aztec artists must have copied the Incan artists on this. Additionally, the Aztecs had advanced skills in metallurgy. Metallurgy was not practiced by the Mayans until later towards the end of the civilization. Metallurgy came from South America, maybe from the tribes that later form the Incan empire. Surely, it is evident that the Mayan civilization and the Incan civilization greatly influenced the Aztec civilization. However, Aztec civilization may not have influenced any of the two former civilizations. Additionally, the probability that the Mayan civilization and the Incan civilization never influenced each other is very high.
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