Maya Angelou's Reader Response In Phenomenal Woman

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Reader Response on "Phenomenal Woman"
To look at woman in this day and age, we try to base ourselves off of the size two or below that we see on television walking down the runway. But what they don’t advertise is that it’s even more beautiful to be a size 10 or above. “Phenomenal Woman” is a poem that shows that even if you’re not that size two or below, you’re still beautiful no matter what size you are. Every woman is beautiful inside and out, but it is those who carry themselves with etiquette and poise whom are the most beautiful. Maya Angelou speaks of this many times in her poem “Phenomenal Woman.” In my opinion, this poem should be read by all women who struggle with self-esteem issues because the poem teaches women to be who they are and to not let anyone belittle them because they are not the desirable size zero we women all wish to be; we women are phenomenal because of what we do to make a difference in this world and how we carry ourselves while doing it.
Some poems rhyme and never speak to you, but once in a while some poems blend and twist into a piece of work that can call a person to escape to it. "Phenomenal Woman" is an enchanting poem with relatable problems that women face in their day to day life. This poem engages readers, mainly women, and can move them to experience life in a deeper way. The poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou explains the different details about a woman that makes her phenomenal. Maya shows us that this woman feels great about herself regardless of what others think. The famous poet Maya Angelou is best known for addressing the world through her own problems that she has had in her own life. Her works are a reflection of the social issues and problems that she has had to face from ...

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... poet but as a woman, has given the courage to other woman to believe in themselves and to know that you will become something great in this world. “Maya Angelou has received more than 30 honorary degrees, as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the U.S.'s highest civilian honor.” (Sachs, 2013) This spoke to me because if women can put forth the effort into something that they believe in, why can’t they be recognized for it?
After reading this poem, I began to think about how I can get the confidence that Angelou has stated all throughout this poem. I, myself, am a plus sized woman, and I have always been timid and shy around others because of that reason. Reading this poem made me think about how I carry myself as a woman throughout this world. Without having confidence in yourself, how can anyone else have confidence and faith in you? (Williamson, 2006)
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