Maya Angelou: A Strong Woman

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Maya Angelou is a strong woman, how she manages to hold herself together made me feel as if she could speak to all audiences. She prevailed and picked herself up no matter long it had taken. For example, "As a result of a traumatic experience, she had become depressed and withdrawn and unable, or unwilling, to speak "yet after a year of moping around the house things made a change for the best . For me she brought a sense of nostalgia,many of us growing up have all came across something we had a sweet spot for, an attachment to, or love for. An example "the sweet chocolate drops that I loved more than anything in the world" does not just apply to food, but a place, or person,made me think of my favorite delights I sought out for as a child giving off a warming effect in my memory. Her relationship with Mrs. Bertha Flowers I found was inspiring, touching, and respectful.

Mrs. Bertha Flowers taught Angelou reading material, to have pride in who she is, and to speak up. She turned into the amazing woman we all learn about and know of today. I identify in my personal life having someone I looked up to myself so, I can relate. For my future I could see myself doing the same from all the professors I come to meet that I can take with me as time goes by. In reading such I've pondered about how much of an impact one person can make on your
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Flowers stated. I feel as if she is completely right words have little to no meaning without a voice and actions to put them in place. How things happen in this world good or bad, is always when someone has the courage to speak and actually make a change. Imagination is a terrible thing to waste and so is the knowledge you learn. Everything you write can be connected to a higher purpose. To a possible great outcome if you just let the words you speak in your mind with a pencil become the words you speak aloud to

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