Maya A Precious Prism By Maya Angelou

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The article “Maya A Precious Prism” by Maitefa Angaza states that at the age of eighty-six Maya Angelou still believes that everyone needs to be satisfied with everything in the world. Maya was nominated with a Treasures National Literary Resource and poetic visionary in the year of 1993 also receiving the National Medal of Arts. Maya was known for her poetic voice, wisdom, confidence, and leadership making her one of the best writers. Angelou is a very well-known woman. She went from having nothing to becoming an artist, dancer, madam, teenage mother, poet, a queen a multimillionaire and becoming nominated for Tony and Emmy as well as receiving a Grammy. A lot of places have been named after her such as streets, schools, and children.
From working side by side with Martin Luther King Jr., planning strategies with Malcolm feeding Billie Holiday, living in Egypt, Ghana, Brooklyn and many other places and learning how to speak in five other languages, makes Maya one of the most inspired African American Woman. Maya’s mind was very sharp at the age of seventy-two despite the fact that she was still smoking cigarettes; she also did little things like word puzzles and mind games. She was the top requested speaker to attend colleges because she has ways of getting through to the younger crowds.
While reading “Songs of herself; the 80- year-old Maya Angelou offers poems, reflection and plain talk” by Maya Angelou I learned that Maya published her own memoir called I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing in the year of 1969. Maya Angelou flattered almost everybody especially when people of the other race would interview her and she talks about how she grew up in the Jim Crow South. Angelou was one of the few who decided to tell her story and pu...

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...e Maya was so courageous. Maya Angelou inspired so many people such as classrooms and some books were occasionally banned. The sweet language was common, it is when you speak slowly and dropped the g’s off the end of your words.
About 100 years ago most people were known to be illiterate or semi-illiterate now days everyone is brought up on technology and learn how to use the tool of language. Some of Maya Angelou’s great moments was when Joe Louis won the heavyweight championship and also when Barack Obama won the election in 2008. It bothers Maya when she hears things such as politicians stating that they do not care about the poor. Everybody has to be cautious, wise, careful and more wary. Not everybody is worth with courage and other things. Most people were brought up to be polite and there is not much people like that we are supposed to stand up for ourselves.

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