Maximizing The Benefits of Social Media

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The availability and use of social media on the Internet provides businesses with multiple and varied uses for social media and information.

Case Summary

In 2008 Dave Carroll posted a song about his real life experience with United Airlines. While boarded, Dave observed luggage handlers throwing his $3500 guitar. Upon landing and inspecting his guitar he found damage to the guitar. After a year of attempting to get reimbursed damages for the guitar, United Airlines denied his claim. In 2009 Dave released his song, United Breaks Guitars, on You Tube, the first of three songs capturing his experience with United and their policies. As of 21 February 2012, there were 11,564,933 You Tube internet views of Dave Carroll’s song, United Breaks Guitars. In the first day the video posted 150,000 views. Four minutes and thirty seven seconds of a humorous song about Dave’s experience with United Airlines. Song two posted 1,425,008 views, song three posted 468,482 posts. As of all fads they fade such as the “United Breaks Guitars” series and the progression of the nightmare for United Airlines.

Besides the good gesture donations by United in Dave’s name, the guitars from Taylor Guitars for the second video, or even the song hitting the top download on ITunes a week after its release, United experienced a public relations nightmare. Social media monitoring is now a must for companies, big and small. Word of mouth is now amplified by Twitter and Facebook or other social media sites. Every internet website and most advertising ads on television have a social media function such as Follow or Like. The social systems follows one post then shares with their followers who share with their followers. It becomes an epidemic and eit...

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... increased revenue, intercepting bad press by immediate action by the organization, or protecting the organization reputation through monitoring has proven that social media has benefited most organizations.

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