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Davis vs. Monroe County Board Of Education 1999 Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual behavior that is discriminatory and violates a person’s rights in nature (e.g., sexual advances and requests for sexual behavior). The constitution prohibits any form of harassment be it in schools or workplaces. Quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment are the types of sexual harassment that have been established by law those harassments have been established to counter the ever increasing cases of sexual harassment. Quid pro quo harassment is a state where sexual demands are made in exchange for specific benefits or favors more so in schools, therefore, it is unlawful and considered as harassment…show more content…
The Davis case will enable me to understand my rights as a student and the effects of sexual harassment in schools, as every individual should act professional and ethical in whatever they do. I was also able to note that if only the two teachers and the physical education teacher had acted professionally and acted on LaShonda’s case, then they could have saved both the school board and LaShonda the agony and psychological torture that arose from the harassment and the case…show more content…
Schools should develop means of reporting and addressing sexual harassment. Any incidents of suspected harassment and the response to the suspected behavior should be carefully documented for ease of reference, considering that the board was charged with complacency and being ignorant to the law. School board officials should apply appropriate response mechanisms to both the victim and harasser, and in this case the teachers ignored reports from LaShonda and her

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