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A common piece of everybody’s vocabulary today is a word used in various contexts with little understanding to comprehend what it really means. “Maturity”, the stream of questions that come to our mind when we begin to ponder on the eight letter word is numerous. The most basic being, “What is maturity? How does one step up on the pedestal of maturity? And how do we measure maturity?” Einstein puts his perspective on maturity in an even more complicated manner, “I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity”, this view point does paint us a picture of maturity, but leads us to a whole new world of mystification.

Starting with the first question that comes to our mind, I tossed open a dictionary, my search yielded out with a result that defined maturity as “the state of being fully grown or developed”, realizing that the answer was no where near the philosophical depth I expected, I started brain storming and asked some questions myself, Full growth and development….of what? Well, there are many ways in which Humans develop, focusing on two specific types, I wondered if it is the development of one’s physical body or is it the ripeness of ones rational, emotional and logical mind?

The first kind of maturity, the physical bodily one, is the easiest to understand, this kind of maturity is very evident and irrefutable, for instance, I am 19 years old, that plainly means that the earth has revolved 19 times around the sun since the day I was born, but it also is a rough calculation of my physical maturity, by telling some one that I am 19 years of age, its pretty obvious that I am relatively in good health and don’t have wrinkles on my face. Physical maturity can also be explained by th...

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... not give up and try again with full commitment to attain success .This clearly signifies that we human beings should have some sort of intermediate that helps us cultivate experience in to positive harvest. This intermediate could be the ability to reason, to reason with a positive attitude that aims for the greater good. Considering all that we have read above, it’s pretty clear that the measure of ones mental and emotional maturity is directly reflected by his/her experiences and what they learn from it.

Maturity is generally overlooked or misinterpreted by our society, Rather than polishing the inside and be considered a mature individual. Power, status and beauty are considered far more important a virtue in our society. To me maturity is not the growth or development of a human, it is that important characteristic needed in development that makes us human.
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