Maturation In The Golden Compass, By Philip Pullman

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For most everyone maturation is a process we must all undergo. For a girl at the young age of eleven, it seemed so far ahead in the future, but soon enough her mud throwing days were over. This was the life of Lyra Belacqua. Even though she didn’t get to have quality time with her family, having mud wars and making friendships with kitchen boys was the origin of Lyra’s childhood, that created the mischievous girl raised in Jordan Collage. The novel The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman, tells of a young orphan girl that gets sent away with a female scholar named Mrs. Coulter to be taken care of instead of staying in a college filled with men. After she has been with Mrs. Coulter for some time Lyra realizes that her new caretaker has been…show more content…
The more time passed the more Lyra was being hunted by Mrs. Coulter and her minions. Lyra had to remain a secret while they found out about Mrs. Coulter’s plans with the children. Later they find out that Mrs. Coulter is researching kids because as they grow up something they call dust sticks to people which is also a symbol of sin or the opposite of innocence. As Mrs. Coulter describes, “Dust is something bad, something wrong, something evil and wicked” ( 282 Pullman). Before Lyra went on the mission she thought growing up was a bad thing and didn’t want to grow up herself. Now that Mrs. Coulter is making the process of growing up doesn’t happen by cutting souls, growing up doesn’t seem so dreadful. Lyra is being exposed to all those ideas but she knows now that the natural way of life is that way for a reason. What is the point of trying to correct sin by committing a sin in…show more content…
Even though Lyra is still a child she has gained many beneficial experiences. Those skills made her become more mature and refined. As those memories can never be forgotten, it was a major part of her becoming the girl with the destiny as everyone expects her to be. The time she spent with Mrs. Coulter, the courageous gypsies, and helping Iorek all contributed to her going from a mischievous little girl to a independent young lady saving other

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