Matthew's Analysis: The Interpretation Of Matthew 10

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This paper will discuss the interpretation of Matthew 10. It will concentrate on the two different contexts that identified in Matthew 10. The first context was about Jesus delivered the discourse to His twelve disciples about taking the role of the apostles. This letter was also known as a type of ordination sermon from Jesus to His disciples. He gave them the instructions and directions about being the apostles. The second context is written by Matthew to the Christian Jews congregations at that time. Matthew was a tax collector who left his work to follow Jesus and be one of His disciples. Matthew wrote this letter in regards to the discourse that Jesus preached to Him and the other disciples. In other words, Matthew recorded and wrote…show more content…
The original message behind Matthew 10 was about Jesus called His twelve disciples, He anointed them, and sent them out to go and preach about the Kingdom of God (10:1, 5-7). Jesus anointed the disciples with the power to do the ministry of healing to the sick people and the authority to cast out the unclean spirits (10:1). This explanation showed the relevance that the act of proclaiming the Gospel must be supported by the statement of God’s power against the power of sin and diseases. Jesus also gave them the directions about the services they were to do (10:5-7) and the sufferings they were to undergo (10:16-26) throughout their ministries. These twelve disciples got chosen as Jesus’s messengers that sent forth to preached the message of the Kingdom of…show more content…
The first/original context was delivered by Jesus to the twelve disciples about the role of being the apostles and took the message of the Kingdom of God to the Jews and not the Gentiles (the Samaritans). The second context was from Matthew’s point of view to the discourse that He heard from Jesus addressed to the Christian Jews Congregations. Matthew’s point of view came after the death and the resurrection of Jesus. These events would frame Matthew and the reader’s perspective in understanding the discourse of Jesus to His disciples. There is one part of Jesus 's discourse that cannot apply to Today’s conditions, which is the distinctions between the Jews and the Gentiles. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, what the law could not do, He did it on behalf of His people. The separation that brought by the old covenant were no longer valid. The message about the Kingdom of God should have listened to everybody. Every person needs to hear about God’s Kingdom that came through Jesus
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