Matthew Patten In The Revolutionary War

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Ordinary colonists in North America saw British taxes as both an economic hardship as well as a trampling of their rights. Even before such men as Sam Adams and Paul Revere led protests through the streets of America, the everyday farmer and shopkeeper were finding ways around British taxes such as smuggling goods in and out of colonial ports. The God given rights of the common man were being tested and some American colonists started to consider fighting their British overlords. Colonists like Matthew Patten who openly opposed the British Empire were considered insurgents. The British called him an insurgent to label him as a dangerous man others should not associate themselves with. If he did not recognize the king and respect his government, then he was a traitor. Patten was born in Ulster, Ireland in 1719 and he moved to New England when he was nine years old. In 1775, after a series of harassments by the British government, Patten took up arms in the local militia against the British soldiers responsible for rumored shootings at Concord. Matthew Patten and his entire family joined the insurgents and plotted against the British troops in New England. A common man like Patten who originally had no intention of jeopardizing himself or his family risks his own life and their lives to fight against the British soldiers stationed in the colonies.…show more content…
This private network was kept secret from the British and helped expand the communication of information for the colonial rebels.17 This organization also helped solidify revolution as the main focus of those involved. Owning land gave American colonists a since of self-worth and freedom. The fight for Evangelical Protestantism played a more significant role to the insurgents because they felt that politics and religion overlapped each other. God expects oppressed people to defend their
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