Matrix Structure: Four Types Of Organizational Structures

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In every company or organisations, there is an organisational chart in every company that used to define as a hierarchy within the organisation. In these hierarchy structures, it identifies that each jobs, each functions and where who reports to whom within the organisation. This organisation structures are developed to establish on how an organisation operates and assists the organisation to obtain its goals and to allow them to enhance for future growth. In this structure is an illustrated using an organisational chart.
There are few several types of organisational structures and on each structure defined to meet their needs and goals to operate differently. In this assignment, I will indicate four types of organisational structure in every
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This matrix structure, every employee has to report to two different managers or supervisors. In this structure employees have dual relationship managers which are functional manager and a product manager or project manager. This also may be known as a cross function team work, which it brings together to complete a particular project or task which been assign by the management.
For an example, when a company produce two type of product like product A and product B., using the matrix structure, this organisation will organise within the company as following: Product A for sales department, operations department, marketing department and finance department. And for product B for sales department, operations department, marketing departments and finances department. If the organisation has more than 3 or more products, the team wills expanse more departments for every product in the organisation. Using this matrix structure is amongst the purest organisational structures and is a very simple lattice emulating order and regularity demonstrated in
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