Mathematics Teacher Essay

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Teachers are the builders of nation and the pillars of whole education system. Producing quality teacher specifically in mathematics helps to sustain the development in every field. In this present paper an attempt has been made to show present generation students’ abilities and the required qualities for mathematics teachers to handle the situation are discussed. And also importance of mathematics education, student’s expectation and challenges before the present mathematics teacher and the ways to increase the quality in mathematics teaching are discussed.

“The teacher is indeed, the architect of our future” – Dr. Zakir Hussain

In the whole world teacher plays a vital role in education system and development of
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All the teacher education programmes and curriculum and syllabus are affiliated by the university. Whatever the methodology, pedagogy, strategies, tools, techniques etc., adopted in the syllabus of teachers education gets succeed only when it comes as a quality product teachers. But when mathematics teacher stand before students they cannot able to clear the goals, this shows that there is a lack in training and professional growth. Our teacher education mathematics syllabus is not producing quality teachers. Are we not practicing properly or drilling them in correct way? Can we say they are not capable? If No – Can we say students are intelligent and smart? To deal with this type of students we must train mathematics teacher to have an educational leadership and quality professional growth. The present mathematics teachers must understand teacher quality and strength of educator’s leadership as the greatest determinants of educational success and work for it. There needs to create awareness among the mathematics teachers to promote their quality professional growth and strengthen their leadership…show more content…
• Quality as Transformative Potential: Quality education is a catalyst for positive changes in individuals and society, education promotes a social change. Purshotaman 2013)

Ways to Increase the quality in Mathematics Teachers Education

According to Darrell Williams (2003) successful teachers produces successful students and quality in education. Teacher quality and educators leadership are two important determinants of educational success. To promote exceptional, perfection fitness for purpose, value for money, transformative potential the ways to increase the quality are discussed. According Purshotaman 2013) improving teacher and school leader quality requires action to
• Attract the best and brightest entrants to teaching.
• Train our future teachers through world class pre service education.
• Place quality teachers and school leaders in school where they are needed most
• Develop teachers skills and knowledge through ongoing professional learning
• Retain quality teachers and school leaders in schools - Purshotaman
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