Mathematics Essay

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Mathematics contributes to everyday life in some way or another. Some situations are simpler than others. Someone may just have to use simple addition or subtraction in paying his or her bills. Or someone may even have to use more complex math like solving for a missing variable in an equation to figure out the dimensions of a building. Mathematics will always be used in everyday life. Some theories and algorithms are more important or used more often than others. Many mathematicians have developed many different things that have contributed to mathematics, such as discovering theories and algorithms. Some mathematicians have done more than others to contribute to the mathematics that people use today. Pythagoras is a very well known mathematician that has contributed to the field of mathematics in a huge way.
Pythagoras was a mathematician and philosopher from Greece. Most people even say that he is the first real mathematician. He was born in 570 BC and died in 495 BC. Since Pythagoras was alive in a time period that was a very long time ago, there is not very much that historians know for certain about the mathematician. Pythagoras was born to father, Mnesarchus, and mother, Pythais, and he had about two or three brothers. When Pythagoras was young, he lived on the island of Samos. While living on Samos, he enjoyed to travel constantly. He traveled to places such as, Babylonia, Phoenicia, and Egypt. When he grew older he made his way to the city of Croton. Croton is located in southern Italy. This is where most of Pythagoras’ work occurred, and where he acquired many followers and people interested in his works. He died the city of Metapontum, Lucania, Italy. Pythagoras married a woman named, Theano. The two had two children....

... middle of paper ... have also contributed to the field of mathematics in a huge way. There are so many different fields that are associated with mathematics. Mathematics is used in everybody’s everyday life. The math can range from simple things to more complex and in-depth of problems that are needed in a person’s regular day. Whether or not someone knows that that they have used a form of mathematics in a certain way does not mean they did not use it. That person may have just simply dialed a number in their cell phone to call a friend. Like Pythagoras said, all numbers are associated with mathematics. Now whether everything is associated with numbers can be argued upon a whole different topic. Mathematics is always in a person’s daily life, and Pythagoras helped argue that point. He also helped contribute many ideas of mathematics to help expand the knowledge of the people today.
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