Mathematic In The Teaching Of Mathematics

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Mathematic is one of the significant concepts in life that people dealt with in everyday living. In fact, most people did not recognize it. Teaching mathematic is not easy, in reality, most students hate math apart from other subjects. Most students say that it is very difficult and contains a lot of calculations and using of formulas. In fact, it is all about how to teach it and what teaching approach to use in order to attract the interest of the learners and how the approach can broaden and widen the learners learning abilities. Therefore the intention of this essay is to discuss the role that discovery and direct teaching approach plays in teaching of mathematics in the classroom.
Discovery teaching approach is a very effective teachings approach that was mostly used in teaching mathematics. It simply means that, children were given problems and they have to conduct their own research and experiments using formulas and equations in order to find their findings according to a given subject. In this situation, students have to use their prior knowledge in order to solve the problems. Discovery approach is a very interesting concept; it captured the interest of individuals in finding solutions in order to satisfy them. According to Borthick & Jones (2000) they explained that, in discovery learning, participants learn to recognise a problem, characterize what a solution would look like, search for relevant information, develop a solution strategy, and execute the chosen strategy.
Discovery teaching approach is very beneficial in teaching mathematics. It is one of the teaching methods most teachers are using as one of their teaching strategies. They discovered that it contributes a lot in developing their cognitive skills, engaged...

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...ute his or her personal interest on how to convey the subject. It is efficient and useful when there is not enough resources for students to work individually.
In conclusion, mathematics is a very important subject that can be taught using both of the teaching approach mentioned earlier. In fact, both teaching approaches discussed are good for teaching mathematics. The very important thing that teachers have to consider is how to prepare them before conducting themselves in either each of the teaching approaches. Both teaching approaches have their own strengths and weaknesses which teachers can consider in order to make a change in children’s learning abilities. Children’s learning is in their hands, so it is best that teachers have to master the skills of teaching each concept so that they will be able to tackle any challenges that might occur in their teaching.
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