Math Phobia

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Do I have a math Phobia? I would not say that I have a math phobia, because when I understand the math I am doing I really enjoy it. Math is like a puzzle and it is comforting to know that there is one right answer. In high school, however, I was not a fan of math. My math teachers were not the greatest and I had a lot of trouble grasping the concepts, which made me overly anxious for the tests. If my high school experience with math had been better then maybe I would have taken more math classes in college and would be more confident in my mathematical abilities.
Book summary and parts that were intriguing or frustrating This book aims to help people feel more comfortable with math and not be so afraid of it. Marilyn Burns goes through
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Her first tip is to not have a negative attitude toward math in general. As the adult in the situation you are their role model and they may develop a negative attitude towards math if you do. The second tip is to have your children see you do math in your everyday life with a positive attitude. The third tip is to involve your child when you are doing math. This will make your child feel useful and also foster a love of mathematics. You can also relate books to math as an extension to get your child thinking mathematically. As a child, I did not like doing math homework, but had my parents been good at math and had a good attitude towards it maybe I would have done…show more content…
These experiments use real world objects that the students are familiar with to demonstrate math concepts that can be difficult to understand. The probability activities we did in class could also be used as hands-on experiments. If students are having fun and learning concepts in math class, then they will most likely learn to appreciate math. Of course we cannot do games and experiments every day, but the implementation of a game or experiment that relates to the concepts being taught can help them understand more and they can be something the students can look forward to after all their hard work to learn the
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