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America’s Local Food Movement: Yes or No? Former editor of Us News and World Report and recipient of Guggenheim Award,Stephen Budiansky in his article, “Math Lessons For Locavores”,published in August 19,2012 addresses the topic of locally grown food and argues it as a more sustainable choice in terms of freshness and seasons.I agree with Budiansky for growing food locally,however; with three other reasons: we can reduce food waste,(which will benefit the environment), and obesity(which will help an individual mentally and physically), and improve our economy. The purpose is to illustrate why locally grown foods would be a finer option for an American lifestyle. Budiansky adopts an informative,persuasive,and insightful tone for his audience,readers …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that budiansky's article, "math lessons for locavores", addresses the topic of locally grown food and argues it as a more sustainable choice in terms of freshness and seasons.
  • Explains that food waste is harmful on an individual's health, but also environmentally. if individuals were to buy food locally it would reduce the distance food travels in miles, cut down on fossil fuels, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Explains why our obesity rate has plummeted in the last decades. food inc, a documentary discussing the truth behind the food industry, states that knowing where food comes from can help us make wiser choices that will benefit our health
  • Opines that buying locally will help the market, as it retains a greater portion of value-added costs captured by large firms.
  • Opines that buying food locally will establish a better lifestyle for all americans. agriculture makes up 2 percent of our nation's energy usage, which is used for farming machinery and manufacturing fertilizer.
  • Opines that if we choose locally grown food, we will be changing the way we live, eat, and all other physical and mental aspects for choosing them.

It is heart breaking to see an obese American on the street,because one instinctively knows that the obese American is not making the best food choices. We are constantly establishing new and innovative ways for improving society in terms of technological advances and transportation, although as stated from Budiansky we are also to be blamed for transportation and environmental consequences. “A single ten-mile round trip by car to the grocery store or the farmer’s market will easily eat up about 14,000 calories of fossil fuel energy.”(8) Growing food locally and consuming food locally will save a trip to the grocery store. Innovative technologies don’t always have to be the case. Agriculture only makes up 2 percent of our nation’s energy usage,which is used for running farm machinery and manufacturing fertilizer. Using these effectively will allow us to avoid processed foods and reduce the obesity rate. Individuals with food allergies are able to ask farmers about how the food was grown or ask chefs at a restaurant what ingredients were used in a specific dish. As most of us we desire social interaction. Going to a local food market, allows us to meet different individuals that may offer favorable advice for selecting food items. Our lifestyles all come down to ourselves,which means choosing foods that are advantageous toward our health. If we are aware of where the food comes from, it is easier to make those choices that will benefit

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