Maternal employment

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Recommendations With the high cost of living, it is far-reaching for many mothers to seek employment because whenever they fail to work, they cannot bring their households out of poverty. The above section has illustrated the manner through which maternal employment influences the child in terms of money investments and quality time. The session has also touched on how maternal employment influences quantity of time. One factor that we all accede to is the fact that once a mother is working, she will be able to support he children with the necessities that they require in life. The necessities include both the basic requirements as well as other needs such as security health and education. The only problem with maternal employment is that the mothers do not spend much time with their children. As a matter of fact, some mothers leave their children with others to take care of them completely in order to make ends meet. To ensure that the situations do not get out of hand, several mechanisms should be put in place to ensure that the mothers are supported. For starters, the fathers should increase the time that they spend with their children. This in a way helps in bringing out the best out of their children as a whole. Stakeholders have in recent past given credit to fathers because they have increased their level of participation in children affairs. Nevertheless, the fathers should raise the manner in which they interact with the children; this is to mean that they should take their interactions with the children to greater levels thereby taking part in the activities that concern the children more often. Organizations that the mothers work with should also try to ensure that they put in place policies that favor the mothers. I... ... middle of paper ... ...een faced with the challenge on whether to improve the general income of the household or to support the education of their children. We should not turn blind to the situation being witnessed by children who are born in poverty. In as much as their mothers try as hard to provide them with basic needs, they a times become victims of lack of funds making them fail to further their education. We all agree to one fact that women have to work. This is because it is their right to do so. Similarly, working makes the women believe that indeed they have a role to play in nation building. To get things right, we need to support our females, this is because it is the only way that we can make them feel like part of us. The society may have given its support to the wrong horse in the past, but the world has been fair enough to provide us with another opportunity to make amends
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