Mateo Tepee

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"Mateo Tepee"

Towering over 1250 feet above the beautiful Belle Fourche River stands a magnificent structure in northeast Wyoming. The shape of this structure is that of a huge tree stump. The base of this structure is over 1000 feet in diameter, while the top tapers to a 275 foot diameter. It stands 870 vertical feet from base to top, the tallest such formation in the U.S. This amazing structure has an incredible history and its legends are told to this day. It has been used for fame and fortune, religion and rituals, landmarks and legends, vacationers and visitors, movies and money, and many other things. It is beautiful and majestic, captivating and unique, feared and awed among those who have been in its presence. It has brought success to many and fate to some. The history this structure holds within itself is incredible. Its name sends fear to most and lives up to its reputation. May I introduce to you the one and only "Devils Tower." (5)

Devils Tower historical significance begins with the theory of how it was formed. There are basically two very different theories of the formation of the unique tower. One theory is scientifically based while the other is legend based. Each belief has variances within themselves. Both theories are very different but yet intriguing.

The scientific theory of how the tower was formed is believed by most scientist and geologist to be the hardened core of a once existing magma intrusion. This magma intrusion forced its way upward but did not reach the surface. It cooled and solidified underground into a hard, igneous rock called phonolite porphyry. When the magma cooled and solidified underground, the rock contracted and fractured into large vertical columns of 4, ...

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