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Mata Ortíz Art Museum Analysis Museums were not always open to the public. Before the 1700s they were cabinets of curiosity where collections were made by aristocrats, and even before that they were royal and pricey collections that were private. Now we are lucky to be able to visit museums. Since they are open to the public, museums have distinct ways of displaying arts of work and shaping the way that these works of art are preserved. The exhibition I chose to analyze was the Mata Ortíz 1995-2015 at the UNM art Museum.
The mission statement of this museum states “The mission of the University of New Mexico Art Museum is to encourage an understanding and appreciation of art and its multiple roles in society by collecting, preserving, exhibiting, …show more content…

Meaning that the formal and compositional qualities are easily visible. The ones that do not fit into a family group are placed separately thought the museum. Although many of them have similar element as the ones in groups. In the Ortíz family from the Porvenir barrio the pottery shows there development of black on black. Which is pottery that is black with designs that look like a charcoal color and are very shiny. The younger generation of the Ortíz family, have pottery with a similar overall look but they have included more colors and new forms of the pottery. The Gallegos family from the Barrio Americano have pottery that shows their archaeological roots. There pottery has designees with animals such as fish, birds and other species. While in the other side of the Gallegos display, there is the Rodríguez display from Barrio Iglesia. Their pottery shows similarities to the Gallegos in things such as colors but the Rodríguez express free-form and only one piece includes animals the rest are abstract lines and designs. Moving into the López family from the López barrio, shows a huge difference in formal elements. Their pottery designs are made out of carving and have images such as a boat scenery and a nature scenery. Juan Quezada, also known as the leader of the Mata Ortíz movement and his family members from barrio El Centro, were known for their painting styles. Their pottery uses contrasting colors as well as very bold colors. The Ortíz and Villalba family had a very unique element. Their pottery was a combination of figurative animals such as cheetahs, rabbits, eagles and even a rhino mixed with traditional

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the mata ortz 1995-2015 exhibition at the unm art museum.
  • Explains the mission statement of the university of new mexico art museum: to encourage an understanding and appreciation of art and its multiple roles in society through teaching, active research, public programming, and open conversations.
  • Explains that the exhibit shows connection to the mission statement because there is involvement of people who are part of the unm community. the exhibition was curated by bill gilbert, a distinguished professor of art and ecology.
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